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Favourite genre

Anyone have a favourite genre within metal music?
Why is it your favourite?

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Two recs

Two recs:

Scarab: Egyptian death metal, a bit like Nile (although they sound different), but these guys are actually from Egypt.

Enter Chaos: A Polish band that reminds me of Arch Enemy, and not just because they have a female vocalist.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

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this coming weekend my brother's band demigoat (/demigoat @ myspace) will be doing s show with born of thunder at 242 main in burlington, vt. i'm doing a live and possible promo shoot for them.

they recently performed with all that remains as an opener at the higher ground in vermont.

i will try to get a decent video or two for you guys! but for now poke around their myspace, there is a video on there. but sadly, because they're really just starting out they don't have much. i hope to remedy that this weekend!
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@ the Culture Room

Last night was Amon Amarth, featuring Goatwhore, Skeletonwitch and The Absence.

I've seen them all either once before or more (especially Goatwhore; they're very busy gentlemen!).

WHAT... a !@#$ing energy drink of a show. I was so pleased to see so many younger people (13-15) filling the venue these days; it means metal is still alive, breathing and headbanging as always.

A very memorable show, indeed.
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