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A community for rocking the fuck out \m/

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Community description:The first Dreamwidth community for metalheads
Welcome to [community profile] metal, a friendly place to share your love of the most kickass music genre in the world. We're practically brand new, but don't be afraid to join! Here is a taste of what this community is going to be about:

Discussing metal

You are free to post about any metal-related subject you please, so long as it isn't for the purpose of trolling/starting up drama. I know some of us have problems with certain bands, and while I'm no fan of Korn or Slipknot, let's try to keep the bashing to a minimum.

Another thing I've noticed on metal comms at LJ is that a good number of the posts are advertisements for gigs. These posts are tentatively allowed, but discouraged. No one particularly enjoys it when a community becomes nothing more than an ad board.

Sharing metal

This community may also be used to share a favorite album. Leaks are permitted. However, please lock all download posts and put large/potentially offensive album art behind a cut. (How do I make a cut?)

In addition, please consider the following guidelines (inspired by the excellent [ profile] metal_mp3) when making a sharing post:
  1. Please check Metal Archives to see if the artist will be accepted here.
  2. If you request an album, please try to upload one in return.
  3. Universal formats like .mp3, .zip and .rar are encouraged.
  4. Community stance on nu-metal/metalcore currently pending.

More to come.
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